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Hi All,

My advent calendars have been live a for a few weeks now so I thought I would give you some more information on them to help you decide.

For those of you who want a little info but not too much as you still want a surprise have a read here.

The other small businesses I am collaborating with on this project are awesome. I thought if you knew who they were it would give you a little bit of information on what kind of products you might get in your calendar. I haven't included the businesses that would completely give away the product so there are more to be listed but here are a few to give you an idea.

  • Samantha Claridge - Sammy is an amazing designer that has created some brilliant products specifically for like-minded sewing and making enthusiasts. He latest project of the signs of the sewdiac has given her a wealth of beautiful products for me to pick from.
  • Planner Head - A fellow sewist that makes fun stationary to help keep your projects organised.
  • Craft Smooze - Another brilliant designer with some lovely vintage sewing machine products. She really gives the vintage sewing machine such a beautiful look.
  • Stitch it Mama - Steph's beautiful drawing style fits perfectly with my products with the vintage tatoo themed. We will be making a special product together exclusively for the calendar.
  • Heavens Homebaked cakes - We have collaborated on a sewing themed sweet treat for you all to kick start your advent journey!


DO NOT read any further if you want to keep it a surprise.....


You have been warned...




Ok so now here is a full list of all items in the advent calendar. These may be subject to change due to availability or depending on how many calendar's I sell but the most will stay the same. I also didn't include pictures as I still wanted there to be an element of surprise so I apologise this post is a little wordy.

In no particular order:

  • A fabric stash notepad by Samantha Claridge - perfect for noting down how much fabric you bought, and if you pre washed it already or what plans you had for it.
  • Sewing machine biscuit - personalised with the recipient's name on a lovely sweet treat for you.
  • Sew in garment labels made by The Dutch Label Company - with funny statements like 'This is the back' and 'This took me ages' especially designed by me for the calendar.
  • A sticker from my collection of designs - I won't tell you which one to allow some element of surprise
  • A frixion pen - Perfect for marking your pattern markings on the fabric and then ironing them away once you have finished with them. I find my pen invaluable when sewing in small stages as the marking's stay until I am finished with them.
  • Quilting clips - great for keeping slippery fabrics together, or something you don't want to damage with a pin. Not just for quilters these clips are especially great for jersey fabrics.
  • An ergonomic unpicker - mistakes happen! but when you are trying to un-do them the worst thing is trying to see the tiny stitches with your tiny unpicker making the whole process quite painful. The ergonomic unpicker is just as sharp, but has a large handle allowing you to grip it much more easily.
  • Sewing machine paper clips by Planner Head - A sewing machine paperclip for keeping all your pattern pieces together whilst you work on it, or for using in your office to show you'd rather be at home sewing!
  • Thread pairers - These small tools keep the bobbin and the thread that match together. Ever spend ages looking for the bobbin you know you had pre would in that very specific pink colour, well these stop that hassle by keeping them all together!
  • Bamboo point turner - originally I thought this was just for shirt makers and quilters but I can been using this tool loads recently. It's great to get nice clean corners on dungarees bibs or pockets giving your sewing a professional finish.
  • A window cling from my collection of designs - for sticking in the car or in your sewing room window.
  • Bobbin thread keepers - ever find your spare bobbin thread all tangled together where you store it? These thread keepers will stop it from unraveling.
  • Keyring tape measure - because sometimes you need to know how wide a fabric is, or what your measurements are when you aren't near to your normal tools. This tape measure can go where you go.
  • Button hole cutter - the perfect gadget for cutting your button holes first time, and if you are like me, stopping you accidentally seam ripping too far through the button-hole!
  • A roll of super cute tape measure ribbon - not necessarily  a tool or something you need but super cute all the same. You could use it to wrap homemade gifts, or to strengthen seams inside your me made outfits.
  • A Sewing machine print - Especially designed by a local painter to me a beautiful vintage sewing machine print for your sewing area peg board or wall.
  • A Sew much love pocket mirror by Craftsmooze - for in your handbag you never know when you might need a mirror. With a beautiful design on the outside you'll be getting it out at every opportunity!
  • A sewing lanyard printed by a local printers business- Another thing especially designed for the advent calendar! You can use this lanyard for you work pass, or like me use it to keep your scissor skips close by while working on your projects.
  • 'Fabric only' scissors labels - a great way to stop people using your fabric scissors for paper, or just to remind yourself which are which.
  • Embroidery Scissors - self explanatory really but every seamstress needs a cute pair of sharp scissors.
  • A Pattern Pages notepad by Samantha Claridge - This notepad has a section for measurements and adjustments made to the pattern but also a section where you can draw what it will look like in the fabric you have planned. Great for visual people to work out what it will look like and to remember the changes you made for when you make it next.
  • Fridge magnets by Stitch it Mama - Another exclusive just for this calendar! Steph has a beautiful design for us which we have had made into fridge magnets.
  • Beeswax from Cambridge Traditional Products - this is great for hand sewing to stop your tread from tangling together. For me anything that makes hand sewing easier is a real win!
  • Seamstress Guage - great for ironing your hems over to make sure they are even or for sewing where your seam allowance should be. Another tool to make your life a little bit easier.
  • A mug from my collection of designs - a Cambridge style mug with a design on both sides. Perfect for your hot cup of tea or for hiding gin in...!
  • All together in an exclusive tote bag only available with the advent calendar, with the Thread Head design on!

Now isn't that a bumper present for someone! If you are thinking of the 12 day version it will be a mix of the above items with at least 50% being from small businesses also.

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